Metal Closed Riser Sizes:   36” 39 ½” 41” 42” 44” 48”

Metal Closed Riser Sizes:

39 ½”

The perfect finishing touch for your precast stair tread install.

Complete your project with the finishing touch of Metal Closed Risers. These will transform both the look and functionality of your stairs.

They are designed to close the stairway gap so that you do not see between the open riser stair tread. Typically if a job-site calls for the stairway to be closed between the gap (ie: Multifamily Apartment projects), the steel stairway manufacturer or the contractor have to fabricate pieces of flat metal and often weld it in place on the stringer. This can become very expensive and very time-consuming. Not to mention the following necessary paint, overspray and clean up.

Our Metal Closed Risers are very easy to install, coming with tabs that match the bolt pattern of most all of our standard concrete stair treads, so there is no welding, no painting, no mess. They just slide right onto the bolts when the tread is placed on the stringer.

Lightweight, but durable 16 Gauge metal.
Comes in a Powder Coated Black finish.