Current Sizes:    4” x 8” x 24” 2” x 12” x 24”  5,000 PSI Concrete

Current Sizes: 

4” x 8” x 24”
2” x 12” x 24”

5,000 PSI Concrete

Concrete Precast Block

Coast Precast Block are durable, industrial purposed, rebar reinforced, and are being used for tank supply and services companies to place tanks with stability. While there is a multitude of applications for these block, our primary customers have been in the Propane Tank industry because of the rebar reinforcement and the 5,000 psi strength concrete. These block are more than capable of handling the weight and abuse of transportation, being tossed on to the ground and placing large propane tanks on them to keep the tank stable.

Have another application we can provide block for? Coast Precast can help.
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MATERIALS: Concrete materials and properties comply with requirements in Division 3 Section “Cast-in-Place Concrete” for normal-weight and light-weight, ready-mixed concrete with a minimum 28-day compressive strength of 5000 psi and a total air content of not less than 4 percent or more than 6 percent.

  • Flexural Strength: 2500-3000 psi in accordance to ASTM C293
  • Absorption: 3% – 4% in accordance to ASTM C67
  • Aggregate: Report sieve analysis in accordance with ASTM C136
  • Reinforcing Bars: ASTM A615, Grade 60
  • Embedded Stair Tread Anchor Bolts: ASTM F1554
  • Provide hot-dip or mechanically deposited, zinc-coated anchor bolts with nuts for attaching and securing stair treads to stair framing
  • Freeze/Thaw Tested: in accordance with ASTM C67
  • Uniform Load: 100 lbs. per square foot