Find the answers to our most common questions here: 

Do we manufacture architectural precast stair tread for Museums, Schools, Large High Rise Office buildings?

No, we are not an architectural precast company. We specialize in making quality utility concrete stair tread for Apartments, Parking Garages, Exit Stairways for Hotels and Residences, etc.

How can I get a quote from your company?

You can submit the quote form online, you can send us an email at, or you can call us at 936-890-5500.

Can I email you our engineered plans or drawings for our job site?

No, you can fill out our simple form. We go off the dimensions and quantities that our customers submit to us.

So if I still want to just send you our architectural plans, can I?

No, we have made our form extremely simple. We want to leave no margin for error, so we prefer if you just tell us the sizes and quantity. This also speeds up the time we can turn your quote around if this form is completely filled out!

Whats the key measurement for knowing what size tread I need?

If you measure the INSIDE of your stringer from Left to Right and then take 1/2″ off the total length, that’s the size tread you need.

Can you make me a custom size stair tread?

YES. Just contact us with your measurements and we will work with you toward getting your perfect stair.

What is your standard bolt layout?

Our standard bolt layout is 2 1/4″ from the outside of the stair tread to the center of the bolt. There are four bolts in a standard bolt layout. 6 1/4″ top to bottom.

Do you offer weld plates instead of bolts for fastening?

Yes, we can. The typical stock is our bolt on tread, but we can manufacture your order with weld plates in place of the standard bolts design.

What is the standard finish of our stair tread?

A broom finish with a 2″ picture frame cope around the edges.

Do you do custom finishes?

We do offer some, please contact us for more information.

Do you manufacture the stringer for the stairway?

No currently we do not. We offer the stair tread, metal closed riser components and metal brackets for your stairways.

Do you offer metal angled brackets for stringers?

Yes we do. Let us know if you need these added to your quote.

Do you manufacture anything other than concrete stair tread?

Concrete stair tread is our specialty. We do offer other products, please ask us what you are looking for!

I’m not local. Can I get my product shipped to me?

Absolutely, yes. We ship all over the United States.

Do I need a forklift to unload my site?

No a forklift is not required. We ship full semi-truck loads all the way down to LTL shipments with a lift gate that can lower the pallet right at your facility. Just let us know at the time of the quote, and we will ensure the right shipping solution gets your order to you.

Can you do a different colored tread?

Gray Portland Type 1 Cement is our standard, but we may be able to accommodate your color request if the order is large enough.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards and business checks.

Do you keep certain sizes in stock or is it all made to order?

We do keep some standard sizes in stock and we also offer custom sizes made to order.