Welcome to the How-To section!

Need a little help with installing your Precast Concrete Stair Tread? 

Below is a quick video (a nice throwback to our CTC Precast days) that will help give you a visual walk-through of a tread install. Or, if you want to skip the video, simply follow the list of installation instructions on this page, below the video player.



Tools Needed:

  • 9/16 Wrench


  • Remove all four 3/8th nuts underneath your damaged step tread with a 9/16th wrench.
  • Lift damaged tread straight up, making sure the bolts clear the angle tabs on each side.
  • Dispose of damaged tread.
  • Lift the new tread into place aligning the bolts with the holes in the angle tabs.
  • Secure all four 3/8th nuts onto the bolts underneath each cement tread
  • Tighten nuts, but don’t over tighten!