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Plastic Insert

An incredible product from TimeSend Distributing to help other Precast Stair Tread manufacturers.

Plastic Insert

Thanks to TimeSend Distributing, we are able to provide distribution for an incredible (Patent Pending) product that has revolutionized several aspects of our manufacturing process here at Coast Precast. This plastic insert has not only expedited our process, but it has enhanced overall consistency with bolt placements as well.

It is designed to hold 3 pieces of rebar and then 2 – 3/8” bolts. You need 2 plastic inserts per mold for each stair tread, 1 on each end of the mold. It keeps the rebar off of the bottom of the pan the right height and keeps the rebar exactly where they need to be in the mold: off of the sides of the mold and in the middle. No guesswork on placement of bar during manufacturing and no worry of the bar moving during production or the bolts. It accommodates the bolt layout of 6” apart on center of the bolt or the more common, standard 6 ¼” layout. TimeSend Distributing been selling this Patent Pending product over 17 years now and ship it nationally, with over 17 years of strong sales to many customers all across the nation – over 5 million sold and counting!

Designed and Manufactured here in the USA!

If you would like more information on how you can transform your production process with this product, Contact Us at Coast Precast, or reach out to TimeSend Distributing by phone: 936-443-4549


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