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Metal Angle Bracket

Coast Precast LLC stair treads are installed across the USA,
in commercial, industrial, residential and institutional applications.  

Metal Tread Angle Bracket


3” x 2” x 3/16” x 8” long with 4 elongated holes

Holes/Slots are – 7/16” x 1” each

Installing Concrete Stair Treads?
No need to track down a bracket that’s “close enough” or fabricate your own…Coast Precast has the Metal Angle Brackets you need to install and mount your Stair Treads to you stringers. These can be welded or bolted onto metal or wood stringers to hold the precast concrete stair tread in place in the stairway. Our metal tread angle brackets are predrilled with the bolt hole layout that match our stair tread bolt layout.

If you would prefer to purchase stair tread with weld plates instead of bolts precast in the stair tread, you can also use these angle brackets to weld the stair tread in place instead of bolting them down to the brackets.

Save yourself time and money and purchase these with your stair tread order and get it all knocked out at once versus having to make them or fabricate them. Remember 2 for every 1 tread (1 for each side of the stair tread).

Available in uncoated metal finish or galvanized as well.


We are one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete products meeting commercial and residential needs nationwide.




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