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How to Measure

Everything you need to know on how to measure and replace
your Precast Stair Tread is right here.

Welcome to the How-To section!
On this page, and on our How To Install page, we have a couple videos that will help you measure and install your precast concrete stair tread as well as answers to many Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQ page.
Of course, we are always here to help, so if you have any questions, please Contact Us!

Instructions For Measuring Bolt-On Stair Tread

Print THIS measuring and quote form and take it to the stair tread you want to measure. Fill in the measurements for lines A through F.

A: Measure from Center of Bolt on Left to Center of Bolt on Right – ________
B: Measure from Center of Bolt on Front Right Side to Center of Bolt on Back Right Side – ________ (typical is 6” or 6 ¼”)
C: From the Top of the Tread, Measure the Width – ________ (typical is 11” or 12”)
D: From the Top of the Tread, Measure the Length – ________
E: Measure the Thickness of the Tread – ________ (Typical is 2 ¼” or 3”)
F: Measure from the Inside of the Metal Stringer on the Right Side to the Inside of the Metal String on the Left Side – ________

Now that you have your measurements, fill out and submit a Request A Quote form online. If you prefer you can simply fax the form you just completed to 936-890-5501, or call to talk with one of our knowledgeable staff at 1-877-708-7323.


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